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  • Rosa Brunello “Fermentos” recording session

    Rosa Brunello Y Los Fermentos recording session @ ArteSuono (26-27.04.2018) Rosa Brunello (double bass, electric bass, bass synth) Michele Polga (sax & elctronics) Frank Martino (guitar & electronics) Luca Colussi (drums)  …

  • Mark Turner – Fantasy In D

    Here's my "Fantasy In D (C.Walton)" Mark Turner solo transcription from Aaron Goldberg CD “Turning Point”   download: Mark Turner - Fantasy in D (Bb)
  • The Bridge – Corner

    Corner (M.Polga) – live @ al Vapore, Marghera (VE) Michele Polga (sax) Claudio Filippini (piano) Lorenzo Conte (bass) Anthony Pinciotti (drums)  

  • Walter Smith III – Stablemates

    Walter Smith III solo on "Stablemates" transcibed from Donald Edwards CD “Prelude To Real Life” (Criss Cross Jazz 1386 CD)   download: Walter Smith III Stablemates Bb Tenor Sax
  • Walter Smith III – Contrafact

    Here’s mine Walter Smith III “Costrafact” transcription. Transcibed from Dayana Stephens CD “Reminiscent” (Criss Cross Jazz 1377 CD) downloads: Contrafact Concert Key Contrafact Bb    

  • Polga meets Bosso – Eventi in Jazz

    Eventi in Jazz – Teatro Sociale, Busto Arsizio 12.11.2017 Michele Polga (sax) Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet) Luca Mannutza (piano) Luca Bulgarelli (bass) Nicola Angelucci (drums)